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the brightest hour

i'll be a morning closer

rin kagamine, vocaloid, happy
my fanfiction is available to the public,
but work from The Renalis Anthology + personal updates are locked!!

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rin kagamine, vocaloid, happy
Table of Contents
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AOP: Governor Farey
rin kagamine, vocaloid, happy

pushing back the next chapter because it's been really hard to write :< The hardest part about AOP has actually been this fellow here. I usually like to write about antagonistic forces (social/political systems, war, death, etc) rather than antagonists themselves, because I really hate cartoony villains... and I think people aren't as black-and-white as good vs evil.

He's turning out to be a very deep character. In some ways, he's actually the most sympathetic character in the story. Imagine that! I'm trying to figure him out, and his intentions. He's being rather elusive :| But I really like him a lot, even if he's giving me a hard time.

Poor Zeke. He's the only main main character that I haven't drawn yet, I think... He will get his spotlight in time :)

AOP: Prologue
zelda, sleepy

have been super busy these days, and when I have free time, I always want to draw instead of write :< I hope I get the next chapter of AOP out in time... *flail*

meanwhile, here's a picture of Fae from the prologue. She looks so bored. . . or maybe she's just as tired as I am. . . :|

AOP: Those of Sacae
evelia renantho renalis anthology

A sneak preview of a scene for the next chapter of AOP that's waaaaaaaaay overdue D: Hoping to get it up very very soon.

I might shade it, but for now, here it is with the flats!

I know choosing a favorite character is like picking a favorite out of your kids, but I think Sheno is one of my top favorites.... :)

AOP: Amaranthe Grimsdottir
zelda, sleepy
Working on the current chapter made me realize that I actually really like Randie. Also, I wasn't satisfied with how I drew her last time... she needed to be edgier... she's supposed to be pretty cool.

One day I'll draw her tattoo too. For now, here she is! hrm... maybe I should have signed it... I keep forgetting D: Please don't steal my artttt!!!

New chapter coming soon. And I'll try to draw the guys more. . .

AOP: Some Ladies ;)
evelia renantho renalis anthology

Rolana, Randie (Amaranthe) and Irene. Still catching up with life... but had to procrastinate because I've been wanting to draw Randie for a while :) Will post more info on them later. Sleepy time for now.

Age of Pretense: I Don't Know
fe7, lyndis, fire emblem, lyn, rekka no ken
Age of Pretense: Ch. 9x: "I Don't Know."
Fire Emblem
(C) Nintendo & Intelligent Systems
-- Rating: PG
-- Characters: Elijah, Lionel
-- Warnings: Awkward teenaged boys being awkward, brief shirtlessness. Bad writing, uselessness. . .

I was writing the next chapter for AOP and realized that this part was absolutely pointless and it is really not quality writing. First time with Elijah's POV, and brief mention of Lenore, which is sorta important... but not enough to save it. Derp... but because of cutting out this section and other big edits I decided to make last minute, I'm missing my extended deadline .__. Will try to get this chapter wrapped up by this weekend.

Elijah felt sorry for Lionel.Collapse )

Age of Pretense: Character Profiles
sad, glow
You know that you're too involved with a story when you start drawing things for it. . .

Some character profiles from one such story :P 


The Young'uns... sortaCollapse )

The Weeping Man (Part Three)
sunflower, water

The Weeping Man
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Twilight Princess fanfiction
(C) Nintendo
-- Rating: PG-13 
-- Genre: Supernatural/Friendship
-- Characters: Impa
-- Warnings: Violence
{FFN Crossposting}

Beta'd by my BFFOFATS. She kindly allowed me the use of her right brain. She's cool.

Part ThreeCollapse )