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the brightest hour

i'll be a morning closer

AOP: Governor Farey
rin kagamine, vocaloid, happy

pushing back the next chapter because it's been really hard to write :< The hardest part about AOP has actually been this fellow here. I usually like to write about antagonistic forces (social/political systems, war, death, etc) rather than antagonists themselves, because I really hate cartoony villains... and I think people aren't as black-and-white as good vs evil.

He's turning out to be a very deep character. In some ways, he's actually the most sympathetic character in the story. Imagine that! I'm trying to figure him out, and his intentions. He's being rather elusive :| But I really like him a lot, even if he's giving me a hard time.

Poor Zeke. He's the only main main character that I haven't drawn yet, I think... He will get his spotlight in time :)