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Table of Contents
The Renalis Anthology
{Friends Only}

I. The Missing Gear
(The center of all magics.)
I. Prologue
II. The Western Tower
III. Sethis' Dream
IV. Andry Dollen
V. The Eastern Tower
VI. The Lantern
VII. Avi's Gift
VIII. Epilogue
II. The Eletus Conspiracy
("Are you willing to go through all the heartache?")
I. Tira Lowen
II. The Grand Magicist
III. Wood End
IV. The Peripheries
V. Leion Ketrel
VI. The Outer Peripheries
VII. Arilen Eletus
III. The Grand Magicist
("But perhaps it may be better described as a form of love.")

IV. Kili's Children
(God help them.)

V. The Duren Affair
(The neighbors are sleezes.)
VI. The Riven Scandal
("Let's elope!")

VII. The Angry Queen
(What an awful man.)


Din's Blessing
(The Gerudo have a Terrible Secret)
I. Aru
II. Farah
III. Nabooru
IV. Jannu
V. Ganondorf
VI. Moira
VII. Azhaer
VIII. Yori
IX. Twinrova
X. Ruca
XI. Chiyo
XII. Amie
The Weeping Man
(One way or another, he had told her, Sheik must die.)
- Part I
- Part II


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