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the brightest hour

i'll be a morning closer

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Age of Pretense: Character Profiles
sad, glow
You know that you're too involved with a story when you start drawing things for it. . .

Some character profiles from one such story :P 


Fae Arcadia
I am a magnet for all kinds of deeper wonderment,
I am a wunderkind
I am a pioneer naive enough to believe this.

Wunderkind by Alanis Morisette

Fae has been forced to grow up considerably since her appearance in "The Sword of Seals." Now seemingly only 15 years old in human terms, she is actually in truth over 4000 years old and is trying to make sense of being the last of her kind. On one hand, she is caught struggling with her inhumanity and has a side that reveals how ancient she truly is, but on the other end she is also still grieving the deaths of her old friends and fights to keep her innocence and youth. This time in her life is a coming of age.

In the end, however, she isn't human. She still remembers with remarkable clarity the life she once lived, and seems to observe the life she now lives with frightening accuracy and detail. But as she learns to trust others again, the child-like nature that she was once so well-known for starts to come out. Perhaps it's what she always was, and always will be. 

She's the girl in the  middle of the picture!

Elijah Rolan
You can lose your mind
maybe then your heart you'll find
I hope you won't give up what's moving you inside.

Sunny Days by Jars of Clay

Elijah is a Pheraen whose maternal lineage is reportedly traced back even to the famous Marquesses of old. He is a kind-natured young man with perhaps old-fashioned manners and courtesies. He's a little naive, but very much a gentleman. He genuinely cares for people and loves much.

He was raised by his mother, and together they live in Pherae where he attends school. He is pursuing a career in the government, though many have tried to dissuade him because he is perhaps too idealist. Through Zeke he was able to have an internship at the Ostian Parliament and spent a summer with his relative. He fences recreationally and enjoys reading newspaper articles.

He's the guy on the right who ended up looking too much like Eliwood -_-

Lionel Ivaldi
Oh now I'm breaking down
every illusion in between
all the lies that I have seen
oh let me be your Augustine

Augustine by Vienna Teng

Lionel has a lot of secrets and dangers about him. When the story begins, he is seen fleeing the care of his guardian in search of a girl he had supposedly seen in a vision. He is one of perhaps the only magic users left in Elibe and has relative mastery over light tomes. His mother was the High Priestess of a cult that deviated from the Eliminean church, called "The Way of Divine Light."
Lionel is of somewhat heated temperament. He tends to be impatient, but can be accurately described as passionate and compassionate. He appears to be a conflicted young man, constantly battling an unpleasant ubpringing and the burdens placed on him by others. In particular, the death of his twin sister three years ago seems to have impacted him enormously.  

The guy on the left. I didn't make him pretty enough D: